Author of Bombshell Book ‘Fire & Fury’ Goes on National TV – THINGS JUST GOT MESSY

The author of a bombshell new book, “Fire and Fury,” appeared on NBC today to discuss his new book. Just yesterday, the Trump Administration filed and cease and desist letter attempting to prevent the publication of the book.

The book is full of anecdotes made to destroy the president.

For the past year, the book’s author Michael Wolff made trips to the White House to speak with President Donald Trump and his top aides. The book contains quotes from former Chief Strategist Steve Bannon, Rex Tillerson, and other top figures in the White House that undermine the president.

If one thing is made clear through this book, it’s how disloyal Trump’s own team is to him. How could figures such as Bannon, who called Don Trump Jr. “treasonous,” turn their backs on the president and throw him under the bus?

The book also claims that Donald Trump never wanted to win and that Melania Trump cried–and not of happiness–when his victory was announced.

The White House claims that everything in the book is untrue. In his interview today, Wolff responded.

Do you think this is just another example of the media out to get Trump?