BOOM: NFL’s WORST FEARS Just Became a Reality as Players Continue to Kneel


Numbers have come in from Fox, more accurate than the Gallup Poll, that have the National Football League scrambling. As of today, only 46% of voters have a positive view of the NFL, while a whopping 41 percent view it negatively.

The last time the question was asked more than 64% of the voters had a positive view of the league. Support for the NFL is declining the most among Republicans, 15 points, whites by 14, men 13, and independents by 12.

Unlike the Gallup poll, Fox asked straightforward questions. They wanted to know if those polled had a favorable or unfavorable view of the NFL. Gallup asked whether voters considered themselves “pro football fans.” Even people who don’t watch football might consider themselves fans.

NFL stadiums empty due to “take a knee” during the national anthem

Both the Gallup and the Fox poll revealed one thing, the decline isn’t entirely because of what is being called “the Trump Effect.”

Fox found out more about football fans. No surprisingly more than 52% think that kneeling during the national anthem is highly inappropriate. The Fox poll is the third of it’s kind in just the last month. In all surveys, kneeling is looked at as undesirable.

Fan expresses frustration at Kansas City Chiefs game

The numbers would probably be quite different if liberal Democrats didn’t have to support the opposite of everything President Trump likes. He chastised the players for disrespecting our flag, country and military, so Democrats jump on the kneeling bandwagon.

Before Trump ever said anything about the protests, many more Democrats also said kneeling during the anthem was inappropriate according to Gallup Polls done in past years.


Even with liberals supporting the unpatriotic players kneeling during the national anthem, the NFL is hemorrhaging money. Seats in the stadiums are empty, NFL gear is going unsold, and NFL sponsors are losing patrons as well.

As far as ratings, according to Nielsen data obtained by the Sporting News, “League games averaged 15.1 million viewers through Week 7. That’s down 5.1 percent from 15.87 million viewers during the same period last season and off 18.7 percent from 18.35 million viewers during the same period in 2015.”