BREAKING: Frederica Wilson Just Conceded

Democratic Rep. Frederica Wilson has just announced that she will not be discussing the Gold Star widow’s phone call with President Trump. Details reveal that the Florida Democrat will no longer comment on the phone call revolving around President Donald Trump and the Gold Star widow. After White Houses’ John Kelly gave a very emotional briefing concerning the situation.

He was able to use the Press Briefing to criticize Wilson for twisting Trump’s words and letting mainstream media in on her devious twist.

On Thursday, a statement was made by a spokesperson for Wilson stated, “The congresswoman will not be making any further comment on the issue because the focus should be on helping a grieving widow and family heal, not on her or Donald Trump.”

This public comment is quite a surprise since just on Thursday, Wilson said that Kelly’s emotional briefing was nothing other that him trying to maintain his position in the White House, saying, “John Kelly’s trying to keep his job,” and adding, “He will say anything. There were other people who heard what I heard.”

President Trump did not just let Wilson say her thing without him taking it to Twitter to let other’s know about “Wacky Wilson” for her remarks.

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