BREAKING: Network Executives Just Made the NFL’s WORST NIGHTMARE a Reality – This Is It, Folks!

Due to NFL players disrespectful protests of America, our flag and the military, ratings for football games have plummeted. Executives are scrambling to find ways to solve the problem, by cutting games.

The perception is that there are too many football games on TV, and the executives are suggesting that cutting ten Thursday Night Football games will solve their ratings issue.

Sports Business Journal (SBJ) was the first to report the possible Thursday Night Football cut. They also helped plan changing the time that games in the U.K are played, 1 PM eastern time, 6 PM London time.


While it is true that the amount of football on TV has increased during the last ten years, it certainly isn’t the entire ratings issue.

“Ten years ago, the NFL had 32 game windows through week six,” SBJ reported. “This year, it is up to 39, a 22 percent increase. It’s even more crowded in college, where the 2007 windows to this point added up to 105. This year, it’s at 179, up a whopping 71 percent.”

Fox Sports vice president Mike Mulvihill suggested that there is only too much football on TV because of college ball coverage.

Mark Lazarus, chairman of NBC Broadcasting and Sports, suggested there might be some kind of “football fatigue” by weeks end, and said that the biggest dip in ratings is among the 18-34 age range.

Ratings with and without Dallas Cowboys

“They more and more are getting satisfied by the alternatives of highlights and scores that are available during the game,” Lazarus said. “That continues to train young viewers to follow our sports, not watch our sports. That is concerning for all sports television.”

NBC Sports is down 21 percent, CBS Sports is down 14 percent, and ESPN’s Monday Night Football has fallen 17 percent.

Although the NFL’ ratings are circling the drain, for several reasons, it still manages to beat out other TV programs broadcasting in the same time slots.