CNN Neglects To Disclose Close Ties To Fusion GPS

The Trump-Russia dossier controversy just heated up. CNN’s justice correspondent Evan Perez hyped the dossier’s credibility, without mentioning his close personal ties to Fusion GPS, the opposition’s research firm.

Fusion GPS is well known for it’s smear-for-hire tactics, and for making up false stories that are fed to the media.

Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson is the one most often associated with the Trump-Russia dossier. Simpson worked with Perez at the Wall Street Journal and co-authored many stories on national security.

Tom Catan, another Fusion GPS founder, worked for the Journal as the same time as Simpson and Perez. Peter Fritsch, yet another Fusion GPS founder worked above all three as a senior national security editor.

Photos found on Facebook show the personal relationship that Perez and the Fusion GPS founders share. One photo shows Neil King, originally from the Journal, and Perez just months before King joined Fusion GPS.

Neil King is seen on the left, in a photo posted by CNN reporter Evan Perez. (Screenshot/Facebook)

Another photo, from September 2015, shows Perez, King and Fusion co-founder Fritsch.


Perez never disclosed his close personal connection with Fusion GPS founders. The Journal’s editorial board called attention to it’s former reporters in an editorial a few weeks ago. The Journal accused Beltway media of being involved in a coverup with Fusion GPS.

“Americans don’t need a Justice Department cover up abetted by Glenn Simpson’s media buddies,” the editors wrote.

Thor Halvorssen, founder of the Human Rights Foundation, described Fusion GPS as “highly paid smear experts” in written testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee. He says that the firm went after him several years ago because he criticized a corrupt Venezuelan company Derwick Associates that counted Fusion as a client, according to the Daily Mail.

CNN is trying all of the mainstream media tricks to make themselves seem credible, even though scores of their reporters have jumped ship or been forced to leave. With taped conversations being leaked and reports retracted entirely because of lack of honest information, one has to wonder how long CNN will stay afloat.