Costume Slips Off Olympic Figure Skater DURING Her Routine – Exposes Her to Crowd


South Korean skater Yura Min’s sexy red costume malfunctioned just seconds into her dance routine, revealing much more than she intended to, not only the crowd at the Winter Olympics, but to millions of people watching.

The South Korean star kept her cool and continued on with her routine like the pro she is. Yura took advantage of the times that she was spun around by partner Alexander Gamelin to adjust her outfit, to prevent it from completely baring all.

Yura is a dual citizen of South Korea and the United States and was competing in the figure skating team event at the time. Commentators were unanimous in their praise for the young skaters ability to recover from the malfunction with such style.

When speaking to the Detroit Free Press, Yura told them that the hook on her top came undone seconds into her routine. “I was like, ‘Oh no!’” she said. “If that comes undone, the whole [outfit] could just pop off. I was terrified the entire program.”


Yura and her partner Alexander were all smiles after their performance.

The South Korean star stated that she was determined not to stop during the performance, so she moved her arms a bit different than rehearsed in order to keep the costume from completely falling off.

There was only one very brief pause, during the twizzles, when Yura’s top slid off her shoulder. “It started to come down so I had to stop my twizzle and pull it back up,” she said.

Finishing in 9th place, Yura managed to complete the routine with her outfit on, and a beautiful smile on her face. She and her partner will compete together again at the individual pairs competition in a few weeks.

Canada’s Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir, the reigning world champions, came first with 80.51 points.