Couple Get It on in Car as Horrified Families Watch – IGNORE Cops’ Request to Stop


A couple from Wisconsin was arrested after repeatedly ignoring a police officer’s demands to stop having sex in a parked car.

According to police, the pair was charged with lewd and lascivious conduct. After responding to a 911 call at 3:25 AM, Officer Aaron Westpfahl found a gold Pontiac Grand Am, with it’s windows mostly fogged and “rocking back and forth.” When Officer Westpfahl shone his flashlight into the car, it was “confirmed they were naked and engaging in sexual intercourse.”

Westpfahl then told the couple, later identified as Bailey Puttkemery, 21, and Emily Scott, 20, to cease copulating and get dressed. “At that point, I walked to the rear of the vehicle in order to give the two subjects some privacy while getting dressed,” Westpfahl noted.


After patiently waiting five minutes, the officer shone his flashlight into the car again and determined that the couple “had re-initiated the sexual intercourse.”

Officer Westpfahl once again demanded the couple to get dressed and get out of the car. Puttkemery, upset about being interrupted, said, “No. I’m trying to f**k.”

Westpfahl opened the back door and noticed a strong alcohol smell. After Puttkemery finally stepped out of the car, naked, he became argumentative, saying the officer was “cock-blocking” him and “giving him blue balls,” according to the police report.

Puttkemery then changed tactics and tried to reason with the officer saying, “You’re a man. You should understand. It’s Oktoberfest weekend.”

When Westpfahl asked the woman why the couple did not stop having sex when told to, she answered that Puttkemery “wanted to finish.”

Both Puttkemery and Scott were charged with lewd and lascivious behavior. Puttkemery also received a disorderly conduct charge because of his behavior. The were both held at the La Crosse county jail while they waited for a court hearing yesterday.

The four-day 57th La Crosse Oktoberfest celebration, included a parade, a Dachshund race, a beauty pageant, and LOTS of beer.