DESPICABLE: Outrage After High School Cheerleaders Gyrate in THESE Outfits…


A disturbing video has been uncovered that shows a large group of high school cheerleaders performing on a football field, while wearing what appears to be lingerie.

Uploaded by FlyHeight, the cheerleaders don’t seem to be doing any kind of cheering, per se, just gyrating on the sidelines in suspenders, boots and very skimpy clothing. It is not clear why each cheerleader is carrying a travel bag.

The sexually dressed girls are believed to be from a high school in Miami. They are grinding their hips in front of school buses and then the video cuts to them on the field.

It has been reported that the coaching staff is coming under fire due to the scandalous nature of the cheerleaders outfits. Some of the girls in the video are as young as 14.

FlyHeight titled the video: “Is This Appropriate?” and it has been viewed over 10,000 times.

On the website, the question, “Are high school cheerleader uniforms too revealing?” was asked and dozens of people weighed in. One user, sethian01, shared his views on the skimpy outfits teenagers are required to wear: “Cheerleading, volleyball, dance team: These outfits serve no good purpose Society has become more and more oversexualized and the sad thing is that parents let their young girls dress provocatively at younger ages and are okay with that. Just like with volleyball uniforms.

We really need to think about the long term consequences as we lower our standards in society.
We need to stop going along with trends and teach our young women to respect themselves by covering up more and attracting the right man with her personality and intellect rather than her sex appeal.
…And we wonder why society is going down the tubes. It is because we have lost dignity and have become so distracted with sex.”