Donald Trump Sends BRUTAL Message To Liberals During State of the Union

Democrats have spent the past few weeks obsessing over illegal immigration, making it clear that they are putting the wellbeing of illegal aliens ahead of that of real Americans. That’s why liberals everywhere are furious right now, as President Donald Trump has spent much of his State of the Union praising the many accomplishments of the American people in the past year.

Instead of allowing liberals to make him focus on illegal immigration, Trump opened his speech by praising the U.S. military and honoring the American heroes who put their lives on the line for our country every day. He then honored Rep. Steve Scalise, who took a bullet last year from a deranged liberal when he opened fire on a group of GOP congressmen.

Trump went on to talk about the many jobs that have been brought back to Americans during his first year in office. In the end, Trump is triggering liberals everywhere by letting them know that he will always put the American people ahead of foreigners.

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