Former Flotus Gets Hit With NASTY SURPRISE After Using Little Girl Who “Dressed Up” Like Her With The Media

Michelle Obama and her PR crew used a little girl who “dressed up” like the former First Lady for a school project. The liberal media spread the story like wild fire, and brought up every perceived good deed Michelle ever did.

It was supposed to appear as a random story. “Alexandra Dow, a third grader from Diamond Bar, California, knew exactly who she wanted to be when her teacher asked the class to dress up as someone they believed has made a positive difference in the world.” reports the Huffington Post.

The little girl’s mother tweeted a photo of her school project, and we are to believe that among the thousands of tweets Michelle gets every day, she just “happened” to see this one, and replied.

Michelle’s PR crew pushed it a little to far. They didn’t expect what would happen when Alexandra and her mother were asked by Good Morning America, “Why do you want to be like Michelle Obama?” Both stumbled while trying to find something to say.

It’s obvious that the mother had more to do with the project than the little girl, and the story was unconsciously used by Michelle and her crew.

Since leaving the White House, both Michelle and Barack have done everything they can to stay relevant. Their need for attention is sickening, and to see at what lengths Michelle will go is disgusting.