HUGE BACKFIRE: Alyssa Milano Swings At Trump – Hits Hillary And DNC Instead


Alyssa Milano, another loudmouth Hollywood liberal, who has made no secret of her hatred of President Donald Trump, tried to throw blame where it didn’t belong.

Friday morning, it was announced that Hillary Clinton and the DNC had provided millions in funding for the Trump-Russia dossier, although Hillary and DNC leadership claim no “knowledge” of it. President Trump, along with most Americans, realized there is much more proof of Hillary colluding with Russia, then there ever was of the Trump administration doing it.

The 44 year old is a has-been actress, and given her age, her immaturity is shocking. Milano has made a name for herself as one of the biggest idiots on social media, spewing a lot of Trump-hate.

Milano tried to be witty and attack the President at the same time.

Ignoring the glaring proof right in front of her, Milano, like so many other liberals, failed to see that the Clinton emails were not the issue at hand. The Russians were after more important things, such as 20% of America’s uranium, for instance.

Social media annihilated Milano for being so ignorant.

Fox News Insider Tomi Lahren said it best, “This house of cards built by Hillary, the DNC, Hollywood, and the liberal elite is caving in faster than you can say, ‘Make America Great Again.'”