JUST IN: She’s Going Away For YEARS

Kathy Griffin, the 57-year-old washed-up comedienne and actress who infamously staged a 2017 photoshoot by Tyler Shields in which she was shown holding a bloodied replica of the head of President Donald Trump, is going away for years, and good riddance to her!

According to Griffin, she said she was sincerely apologizing and that she had made a mistake, and that she was wrong. She also said that Trump “broke” her, and that she was getting death threats. Ooops.

Griffin faced enormous backlash from both liberals and conservatives after the disgusting photos from this shoot came to light. Among her detractors are Anderson Cooper, a now former friend of Griffin’s, who called the photos “completely inappropriate.”

Chelsea Clinton, daughter of former Democratic President Bill Clinton and one of Trump’s greatest rivals, Hillary Clinton, said on Twitter, “This is vile and wrong. It is never funny to joke about killing a president.”

What was one of the most amazing parts of this whole incident was that Griffin repeatedly claimed she was bullied by Trump who, as one would expect, had a negative response to Griffin’s grotesque act.

Griffin also said she had been put on a Hollywood blacklist, and that she had no paid work scheduled in coming months. Of course, one might think that she had no paid work because nobody liked her and she lacked talent. But no, she’d rather blame that on the President.

What was worse, Griffin never even apologized directly to the President. However, she did hire a lawyer, Lisa Bloom, though their relationship turned bad soon after Griffin held a press conference to address the situation.

This is not Griffin’s first problem with others, however. Not only was Griffin fired by CNN after the whole “severed head” incident, Griffin has been thrown off numerous television shows due to her obnoxious behavior, including The View, Letterman, and the Ellen DeGeneres show. Griffin has made a sex joke about Jesus, was kicked off a red carpet after making an inappropriate joke about then 10-year-old Dakota Fanning, and even had to give her paycheck back to CNN after she used the “F” word after referring to a 6-year-old boy. Oh, and she was fired by “Squatty Potty!”

This hideous looking woman is clearly a disaster in numerous ways. Thank goodness she is leaving. Better that she doesn’t come back at all!