Matt Stafford’s Wife Sent a BOLD Message to Husband’s NFL Colleagues Disrespecting the Anthem

Kelly Stafford, wife of the Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford, spoke out on the debate issue of NFL players disrespecting the national anthem. Mrs. Stafford posted to Instagram on Wednesday with a message to all NFL players on the real meaning of the national anthem.

In her patriotic post, Kelly Stafford wrote:

“If you think the country can be better, stand for the ideal. If you think the answer is people showing unity, stand with them. The anthem is not the national police song. The anthem is not the national racists song. The anthem is an exercise in how this country can endure and rise, how we can agree on its future potential, even while struggling with its present.

The anthem’s words depict a flag that is suffering through bombs and rockets. You could easily view those bombs and rockets as the challenges our democracy faces today, and the flag a symbol of rising above them.” -Mitch albom

I’ve been hesitant to talk about this, as I know I will get backlash from it.. but I believe we can stand and show our unity against everything that doesn’t represent what this flag stands for.

Let’s stand united against terrorists, against racism, against white supremacists, against killing of cops, against police brutality, against sex slave trafficking.. against anything that is not the ideal for this country.

Let’s unite in the fact that God made us all unique and different and that is something we should cherish. You can disagree with me and that is totally ok.. let’s use this forum to discuss (not yell at each other) and listen to one another.”

Too many NFL players across the country are following the poor lead of unsigned QB Colin Kaepernick by taking a knee and refusing to stand in unity during the national anthem.

It is being reported that big names, like the Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch, are likely to continue protesting the anthem for the remainder of the season.

What do you think of Kelly Stafford’s message to all of the NFL players?

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