Michelle Obama FURIOUS After What Malia Was Just Caught Doing With Her Boyfriend

Michelle Obama has spent the past decade trying to build an image for herself as someone devoted to healthy lifestyles. That’s why she is undoubtedly completely livid by what her 19 year-old daughter Malia was spotted doing with her boyfriend over the weekend.

Freedom Daily reported that Malia was caught on camera running around New York City with her British boyfriend, Rory Farquharson. Much to Michelle’s dismay, however, Farquharson was seen holding a cigarette as he hung out with Malia.

Michelle is known to be so against cigarettes that she forced her husband to quit during his presidency. However, Malia has made it clear that not only does she have no problem in smoking, she loves to partake herself. In fact, Malia is so proficient at smoking that she can even do tricks!

Michelle loves bossing parents all over the country around, telling them how to raise their children. Clearly, she should have spent more time focusing on raising her own daughters, however, as Malia has shown that she doesn’t give a hoot about the healthy lifestyle her mother holds so dear.

With the lack of parental supervision she has had in her life, it’s not a huge surprise that Malia has turned to smoking and hard partying. Though she is still underage, Malia has already been spotted drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana as she parties all over the globe. She’s reportedly only increased her partying since she started at Harvard in the fall, and she’s showing no signs of slowing down.

“Ex-White House wild child Malia Obama has turned into a party monster at upscale Harvard University,” Radar Online reports. “RadarOnline.com found social media bursting with shocking details of former First Couple Barack and Michelle Obama’s eldest daughter boozing it up instead of hitting the books.”

“Damn, I saw Malia Obama in Cambridge, MA tonight. She was beautiful but drunk and cursing like any other college student,” an eyewitness wrote on social media on September 8, ten days before Malia began school.

“Just casually saw a very lit Malia Obama at Harvard square,” another person wrote online.

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