NEW MUELLER CHARGES Send Shockwaves Through Nation

BREAKING NEWS: Special Council Robert Mueller and his office announced new charges in the investigation into alleged Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. The news has left the nation stunned.

Mueller intensified legal pressure on ex-Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort and his deputy, Rick Gates, by filing a false-statements case against a lawyer who did Ukraine-related work with the two men.

Prosecutors accused the attorney, Alex van der Zwaan, of lying to the FBI and Mueller’s office about conversations related to a report supporting the legitimacy of a Ukrainian criminal prosecution of a former prime minister. That report has already come under the glare of Mueller’s team, which has previously accused Manafort and Gates of secretly funneling $4 million through offshore accounts to pay for it.

Of course, Manafort offered no proof of his accusations against Manafort. But many think he is using Manafort to get more information about Trump.

The two pages of accusations against van der Zwaan, filed on Feb. 16 and unsealed Tuesday, came in the form of a criminal information, which prosecutors typically file before a guilty plea.

The new charges come the week after Mueller filed charges against 13 Russian trolls. The indictment of the 13 Russians showed that they tried to influence the election by publishing fake news stories online about both the Trump and Hillary Clinton campaigns. Sometimes, the trolls published fake information about Clinton on the same days they funded anti-Trump rallies.

The charges did nothing to prove the narrative on the left that the Trump campaign knowingly colluded with Russia to damage Clinton. But of course, those on the left didn’t stop pushing that narrative after last week’s news.

After nearly a year of Mueller’s investigation, which has cost taxpayers tens of millions of dollars, there still isn’t a shred of evidence of collusion.

Do you think the investigation is nothing more than a political witch hunt?