THIS IS IT: NFL Hit With Crippling News After Allowing Protests to Continue

This season of the National Football League has brought much disappointment to their loyal fans, and the networks that air the games. Due to the players disrespectful protests during the national anthem, boycotts of games and sponsors have proven to be quite successful. What will it take for the league to stand up to these whining, entitled, multimillionaires?

The league is hoping the fans will tire of boycotting games, and just come back to the stadiums and watch on television. NFL has seriously underestimated their fans loyalty to flag, country and military. The league also didn’t plan on networks like ESPN to jump ship.


ESPN is making sure that they’re under no obligation to continue airing the under-performing football games in future years, according to Conservative Tribune. ESPN’s coverage of Monday Night Football is about to expire, and insiders state that they may not renew. If this comes about, it will be the first time in 30 years ESPN didn’t broadcast NFL games.

“There is no longer specific contract language that requires the cable giant to have NFL games in order to earn its lofty (and industry-envied) subscriber fees, currently more than $7 per household,” The Hollywood Reporter explained.


It has been taken for granted that networks such as ESPN will always broadcast NFL games, however this should be the wake up call the league needed. ESPN is proposing just showing clips about the games and talking about it. The league will certainly have to accept their offer, considering the state they have put themselves in.

What was it that pushed ESPN over the edge? Will it happen to other networks? ESPN is a subscription-based service, and due to the protests during the anthem, they are losing more than 1500 subscribers a day. The network is ready to put an end to their losses.