North Korean Defector Reveals Stunning Truth About Kim Jong Un’s Child Sex Slaves

A female North Korean defector, Hee Yeon, has reported that among many atrocities that Kim Jong-un has committed, she witnessed 11 musicians executed with anti-aircraft guns.

Hee Yeon, just 26, reported to the Daily Mirror, “They were lashed to the end of anti-aircraft guns. Their bodies were blown to bits, totally destroyed, blood and bits flying everywhere.” The woman was among 10,000 people forced to watch the execution.

Hee Yeon’s father was a colonel in the North Korean military and died in 2015. It was at that time the she was able to escape to China and then Seoul, South Korea.

Kim Jong-un is known for taking young girls out of school to work at one of his many luxury hideouts as sex slaves. The woman said aides who work for Kim Jong-un, “take the prettiest and ensure they have straight, good legs.”

Human Rights Watch (HRW) is asking the United Nations to push North Korea to stop child sexual abuse. HRW has verified more than four cases since 2008.

HRW said: “North Koreans who recently escaped to third countries or maintain contacts in the North told HRW that when girls are sexually harassed or abused, some guardians refuse to formally complain to police or other government officials because they believe government officials will not investigate, and the girl and the family will face stigmatisation.”


President Donald Trump is doing is part, trying to control the North Koreans. Trump told the UN that the United States was prepared to “totally destroy” North Korea if “forced to.”

Trump has also tried to persuade China to push harder on North Korea, and Kim Jong-Un, in order to stop it’s nuclear ambitions. China is, at the moment, North Korea’s sole major ally.

Although the UN has imposed sanction upon North Korea, they still refuse to follow the set guidelines.