Secret Service Agent Comes Forward – Makes Stunning Announcement About Bill Clinton’s Sex Secrets

A newly published book, written by one of Bill Clinton’s former Secret Service officers, Gary J. Byrne, exposes how the former President’s numerous affairs put the lives of Secret Service officers in danger.

Bryne, whose job it was to protect Clinton during his time in the White House, details in the book how, on the way to visit one of Clinton’s many mistresses, a Secret Service agent almost lost his life when some of the vehicles in the motorcade were involved in an accident.

The book, entitled Secrets of the Secret Service: The History and Uncertain Future of the U.S. Secret Service, exposes the fact that Clinton would, at times, request that a small motorcade follow his vehicle as he was driven around D.C.

It was during one of these jaunts that a Secret Service officer, called “Reverend” in the book, drove through a red light and was then promptly hit by an oncoming vehicle, which left him with a significant head injury.

Amazingly (or perhaps not), instead of staying at the scene and helping Reverend, Clinton and his entourage fled from the scene, leaving the Washington, D.C., police to deal with the crash.

Incredibly, though, that isn’t the worst part. According to Bryne, Reverend had to hire a laywer as part of an effort to be compensated for his injuries. Not surprisinly, Bryne said that this incident injured the morale of many Secret Service officers, saying, “Word of what had happened to Reverend spread like wildfire through the Uniformed Division because any UD officer could have been in Reverend’s place. And although many would take a bullet for the president, what was the risk for? Were Clinton’s sordid personal affairs worth an officer’s life? Was that the duty we had signed up for, the reason we spent so much time away from our families?”

Is it really any surprise that Clinton’s behavior put people at risk? After all, he was never known for being a magnanimous individual. No far from it. After all, he didn’t earn the nickname “Slick Willy” for nothing.