Is the Monica Lewinsky Scandal Coming Back to Haunt Bill?

Earlier this week, Bill Clinton spoke out to say that he does not feel that he owes Monica Lewinsky an apology for their affair and that he sees himself as the real victim of the ensuing scandal. Now, Linda Tripp, who played a huge role in the Lewinsky scandal, has reemerged to let the world no that Clinton is no victim.

Breitbart reported that Tripp just spoke out to slam Clinton, saying that his interview with NBC News this week shows that he does not understand that he “abused an emotionally fragile child-woman, and literally damaged the trajectory of her life.” She added that the interview shows that he actually thinks that “he alone paid a price.”

“Poor guy,” she continued. “The rest of his victims were handily dismissed with more denials and blame the victim tactics. His stunningly self-consumed arrogance was completely familiar to me but had to be revealing to those who only knew the public faces of the Clintons, masks firmly in place.”

Lewinsky was a 23 year-old intern in Clinton’s White House when he seduced her during his time as president of the United States. Though this clearly violates the modern guidelines of sexual harassment in the eyes of the left’s Me Too movement, Clinton has been given a free pass for what he did to her. Tripp pointed out that his new interview shows that he feels that he very much deserved this pass.

“I remain saddened that while prominent and highly influential serial abusers are finally being publicly held to account — and that’s a very good thing — Bill Clinton remains untouchable,” Tripp said. “His victims suffered not only his abuse and assault but also the disdain and indifference of the media and thus most of the country. I’m betting none of these women expect a lavish Stormy Daniels Day as occurred recently in the People’s Republic of California. But they should be allowed to hope for the dignity of being heard. Maybe even believed. That would be real progress.”


During the interview with NBC’s Craig Melvin, Clinton lost his cool and got defensive is he tried to portray himself as the victim of the Lewinsky scandal. Tripp explained that the one good thing about the interview was that the world was finally getting to see the real person he is, rather than the fake person he shows to the public.

“May I present to you, Ladies and Gentlemen, the real Bill Clinton,” Tripp stated. “He’s the one who bumbled through his Today Show interview revealing a curious mixture of sheer insensitivity and an acute sense of entitlement. With a straight face, he even hopped on the #MeToo bandwagon. Who knew? As the world’s most prominent and notorious lifelong abuser of women, that was one for the books. The utter irony appeared lost on him.”

“The mask has slipped,” she said. “That’s a big deal. And more than anything else, indicates the Clinton gig is really, blessedly and finally up.”

The fact that the left continues to worship the Clintons despite the former president’s lengthy history of sexual misconduct is a blatant show of liberal hypocrisy at it’s worst. What Clinton did to Lewinsky was horrific, and contrary to what he says, he has never been forced to pay for it as he should.

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