Teacher Caught Sleeping With Young Student – But the Details Are Even Worse

Why will they never learn? Yet another attractive young teacher, this one married, has pled guilty to having sex with a teenage boy.

Ashley Leigh Lewis Weber, a 31-year-old woman from Virginia, turned herself into police after they spent 8 weeks investigating her case. She, ultimately, faced two misdemeanor charges of engaging in a sexual relationship with a 15-year-old boy when she appeared in court on Friday.

The dalliance is said to have occurred in 2016. During that time Weber was teaching history at the Douglas S. Freeman High School in Tuckahoe, Va. Reports are that Weber would take the victim to her parents’ home to have sex with him.

Each of her misdemeanor counts carries with it a 12-month prison sentence. The judge, for some reason, suspended the sentence for one. According to prosecutors, it is likely that she will only serve 50% of her 12-month prison sentence.

In addition to her two misdemeanor counts, Weber also faced a felony count, due to her use of a communication device to proposition a minor. However, this charge was dropped as part of an exchange for her pleading guilty to the misdemeanor charges.

The judge in her case said, “This is a victimization. You are a person who could have made a great change in his life, positive changes.”