Here’s Today’s Big News For Trump That Media WON’T Report

Every damn swamp monster working in Washington DC hates our president. Democrats disparage him, the media only talks about “Russia collusion”, and even establishment Republicans like Senators Jeff Flake and John McCain can’t say a single nice thing about him.

But none of that matters. Because the heartland of this great country loves President Trump.

Yesterday, Rasmussen daily tracking reported that President Trump now holds a higher approval rating than media-darling President Obama on this same day back in 2010.

Trump currently has a 48% approval rating today among likely voters. This includes 34% who strongly approve of his performance. 51% of voters disapprove, including 42% who strongly disapprove.

At first blush, that may not sound stellar. But these numbers are indeed impressive, and they are even better than they were on election day, November 2016.

Trump’s 48% approval rating is also significantly better than Barack Obama’s approval rating of 44% on February 7, 2010.

And our president’s disapproval number of 51% is lower than Obama’s 56% in 2010.

“So what,” you ask?

These approval numbers are incredible considering that close to 90% of the main street media’s coverage of our president has been negative during his first year.

Further, working Americans haven’t even felt the full effect of Trump’s tax cuts which went into effect only weeks ago. Americans will be very pleasantly surprised when they fill out their taxes next April.

The American people are no longer buying the crap that CNN, MSNBC, ABC/CBS/NBC, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and all the other outlets are feeding them. The traditional media is losing their influence and power, and for good reason. They’ve got zero credibility left.

The people across this country want less obtrusive government, lower taxes, secure borders, effective law enforcement, a crackdown on illegal immigration, and the defeat of ISIS. This is exactly what President Trump is working on, despite the media and Washington DC insiders actively working against him.

The best is yet to come for America. And the citizens across this great nation are starting to recognize this.

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