Trump Forced To Remove Jab At Obama – Replaces It With Something Even Better!

It’s no secret that President Trump has no love lost for Dems Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. It’s also no secret that President Trump, and former President Obama, love to golf. So it was rather funny when a hidden message in the code that powers some of the error messages on President Trump’s website was found to say, “Oops! Something went wrong. Unlike Obama, we are working to fix the problem… and not on the golf course”

This message was written so that it would display if someone using President Trump’s website tried to go to a page that was not on the site. The error message was found by Washington Post data reporter Christopher Ingraham, who posted it on Twitter soon after discovering it.

Ingraham also pointed out that the code shows up on every page, a site that was paid for by the RNC.

This type of hidden code is known in the tech world as an Easter egg. Several of these Easter eggs have been found on various Trump administration and GOP sites. Another one of these Easter eggs, which, like the above-mentioned message was cued to show if someone tried to access a page that was not on the website, stated, “What do Hillary Clinton and this link have in common? They’re both dead broke.”

Okay, so, honestly, that’s pretty funny stuff, right?

Well, nonetheless, these code snippets were removed from the websites soon after their existence was made public. They were replaced by the extremely appropriate, “Don’t worry, we’re making it great again,” statement, which is clearly a reference to President Trump’s exemplary performance during his first year in office.

So, as Trump has done so many times before, he took a situation that others thought would hurt him and turned it around so that he would come out on top. No wonder he is such a great businessman and great leader!