UNBELIEVABLE: Malia Obama Gets Physical With Boyfriend in Public

Former First Daughter Malia Obama has kept busy at Harvard since entering as a freshman in the fall of 2017, however not with her studies, as her parents would like everyone to believe. Malia spends every moment she can with boyfriend Rory Farquharson.

Oblivious to the cameras catching her every move, the Obama’s young daughter doesn’t hesitate to lock lips with her posh British mate, which the world first saw in November at a Harvard-Yale football game.

Walking the streets of New York City this weekend, the pair couldn’t seem to keep their eyes, or hands, off of each other as they strolled along in their expensive designer jackets. Rory is seen casually smoking a cigarette, which the world has seen Malia indulge in on numerous occasions.



Rory is a former head boy of Rugby School, one of the top public schools in the United Kingdom, according to the Daily Mail. Many who know him report him to be awkward with girls, keeping to himself and immersing himself in sports.

Considering his connection to the Royal Family, one has to wonder about Malia’s true intentions towards Rory, or her parent’s intentions for that matter. Rory’s second cousin, Andrew Farquharson, spent more than 10 years in the Queen’s service, starting as an Assistant Master of the Household, and later impressing the Queen so much she made him a member of her own order of chivalry, the Royal Victorian Order.

Barack and Michelle Obama are well known for their connections, from Hollywood entertainers to world leaders, using each of them to further their agenda. Perhaps Malia and Rory’s relationship is just another calculated move on their part.

Just the fact that Malia would be showing so much PDA (Public Display of Affection), and so much leg for that matter, makes one wonder where her parents stand on all of this.