WATCH: Ben Shapiro OWNS CNN Hack Don Lemon on His Own Show

Don Lemon bantered with 3 guests on CNN, Jason Kander, John Fredericko, and Ben Shapiro. Lemon was throwing President Donald Trump under the bus again, expecting the others to join in. He was sadly mistaken.

Jason Kander, CNN contributor, former Democratic Senate candidate and former Missouri Secretary of State jumped in with Lemon to slander the President and twist the words that Trump spoke at a rally in Arizona. Kander said that Trump believes he is a victim, is in a victim mode, and hopes that Americans won’t blame the victim.

John Fredericko, former co-chair for the Trump campaign in Virginia and syndicated talk show host, literally laughed at Lemon and Kander’s take on Trump’s speech. Fredericko said that now it seems Kander knows what Donald Trump thinks “in his deep psyche.” He went on to tell the panel they have no sense of humor, because the President was “funny last night.”

Fredericko said, “You take his style, and you get all caught up with your panties in a wad.”

People don’t trust the media, Fredericko explained, and Trump wants to unify our country. What Trump was saying was “at the end of the day, we are the elite,” Fredericko said.

Lemon jumped in with his usual nasty sarcasm, “Maybe you wear panties, I don’t!” Lemon whined and complained that Trump offended the media in the back of the room during the rally.

Ben Shapiro to the rescue! Shapiro is the Editor-in-Chief of The Daily Wire and the former Editor-at-Large for Breitbart. Shapiro said, “Here’s my advice to people in the media. My advice is, turn down the emotion down to 1, and turn up the fact-checking up to 10.”

Shapiro continued, “The amount of fact-checking that has gone on has taken second place to the offense that the people in the media are taking at his [Trump’s] words.”

Lemon getting defensive and angry as usual said, “I’m glad you come on CNN twice in the last week or so even though you don’t like us.”