WATCH: Tucker DESTROYS Smug Liberal – Leaves Her Stuttering (Literally)

Tucker Carlson, from Fox News, debated smug Democratic strategist Evangeline Gomez on Thursday, over Puerto Rico, racism, and colonialism.

Gomez said the President Donald Trump administration gave a “delayed” response to Puerto Rico, which meant it was “racist.” Carlson called Gomez out on that statement, due to the fact that Puerto Rico is factually more white than many American states, including California.

Gomez tripped all over herself trying to defend what she said. Gomez said, “I disagree [that Puerto Rico is more white than California]…There’s a difference between white and Hispanic and Latino.” When pressured about the differences Gomez said, “They’re Hispanics, they’re Latino.”

Carlson asked what the difference was about that, and she said, “They speak a different language.” Carlson responded, “Language is not a race.” Gomez continued, even though her racist claim didn’t make any sense.

Carlson brilliantly summed up her case by saying, “Oh, you can’t explain what you’re saying, is what you’re saying.”

When Carlson asked, “I’m wondering why — if we are against colonialism — that we maintain Puerto Rico as a colony, why can’t Puerto Rico become a country? I don’t really understand that. They don’t pay federal income taxes but you are American citizens. But you can’t vote when you’re on the island? I mean, this is colonialism.”

Gomez ignored the question all together. “In the last election, Tucker — pardon me — but in the last election, they voted to become a state,” Gomez said. “Many people there voted for Puerto Rico to become a part of the United States.”

Gomez continued to insist, “They’re Americans. They are U.S. citizens.” The Daily Caller co-founder responded, “They don’t pay income taxes. So, I mean, it’s a little more complicated, as you would put it.”

Truth Revolt put it well, “Perhaps the best indication that the citizens in Puerto Rico are Americans, is that they’re being used by leftists to racially divide our country.”