Whoopi Goldberg Launches Vile Attack On Donald Trump – Gets A BRUTAL RESPONSE

Whoopi Goldberg loves nothing more than bashing President Donald Trump every day on her liberal ABC talk show “The View.” After speculation mounted that Oprah Winfrey would be running against Trump in 2020, Whoopi tried to take the opportunity to throw the current president under the bus so as to help the liberal mogul’s chances.

Unfortunately for Whoopi, however, her little stunt ended up backfiring in a huge way.

Bizpac Review reported that while Whoopi commented on the possibility of a presidential run by Oprah, made what amounted to a silly comparison of qualifications between the former talk show host and Trump.

“People are talking about Oprah campaigning and campaigning for her after her [Golden Globes] speech,” Whoopi said. “But now some are saying, well, is she the right person for the job because one of the biggest criticisms about ‘you-know-who’ is that he’s not qualified for the gig.”

Joy Behar couldn’t resist jumping in to try and attack Trump as well.

“No, that’s true,” Behar declared. “He doesn’t read the book and she has a book club.”

The situation only devolved from there.

“I said it yesterday, and I got a lot of flack for it, but I think Oprah is smart and she’s done such wonderful things in media and the acting world, but she doesn’t have any experience in politics, just like Donald Trump,” cohost Sunny Hostin said. “He has set the bar so low that now people are like, ‘If Donald Trump can do it, Oprah of course can do it.’

Unfortunately for Whoopi, however, Twitter users immediately let her know how stupid and ignorant she sounded in her latest anti-Trump rant.

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