WNBA Team Walks Off Court For Nat’l Anthem – Audience Reaction Is PRICELESS

The Los Angeles Sparks

The Los Angeles Sparks and the Minnesota Lynx are currently locked in a 1-1 tie in their series to crown this season’s champion of the WNBA.

As the National Anthem was about to be performed for Game Two of the series, the Sparks chose to leave the court and head to the locker room. The team also pulled the stunt when the anthem was played for Game One.

The majority of fans in attendance in Minneapolis’s Williams Arena attending the game were not too pleased with the Sparks’ protest, and showered the team with boos as they left the court. After the conclusion of the anthem, the team reemerged, and was again greeted with a cascade of boos.

Watch and listen to video of the Sparks emerging on court and the fans reaction:

After Game One, a victory for the Sparks that put them up 1-0 in the series, the WNBA Players Association released a prepared statement:

“After careful and thoughtful discussion, the players of the Los Angeles Sparks unanimously determined that we would remain in the locker room in solidarity with the many players of the NFL, who took part in demonstrations today all over the country and across the globe. We will use the time to reflect and engage in constructive conversation about our country.

“This demonstration of support is consistent with who we are as individuals, athletes, teammates, citizens. It is consistent with our mission as a union of players and our core values.

“This is our opportunity to unite rather than divide our country. This is our sole focus.”

This statement clearly indicates that the Sparks agree 100% with the NFL players who choose on any given Sunday to “take a knee” to protest against, in their view, the racist American nation and extra-racist American police. This belief is part of their “core values.” OK, if that is their view, fine, whatever. Most Americans, polls show, do not agree with the players’ assessment. Almost the entire mainstream media is on their side of the protests, but that’s nothing new.

The last paragraph of the Players Association statement all but jumps off the page in its Orwellian doublespeak: “This is our opportunity to unite rather than divide the country.” Do they really believe that is what they are doing? Any objective observer would come to the conclusion that the NFL and WNBA players protests – and the Left’s slobbering approval – is dividing, not uniting the American nation.

The Minnesota Lynx have remained on the court for the National Anthem

Maybe Americans will, in turn, increasingly show their goal of uniting the country by taking their kids to the park, visiting loved ones, or reading a good book the next time a game is on TV.